Competitive Insurance Premiums? Sell Insurance Without Life Insurance Competition

Agents fearing competitive insurance premiums are making excuses. See how to sell insurance without the worry of life insurance competition. Discover why insurance premiums are not a competitive factor in life insurance selling. Agents constantly see ads on television for competitive insurance premiums on car insurance, and asking viewers to call for a quote. Likewise, TV attempts to sell insurance direct to the consumer with cheap life insurance competition quotes. Real Life is not TV land! There are always people trying to pay the lowest insurance premiums even if claims bite them in the rear later in life. These are not millions of prospects, soon to become customers. The lot is loaded with tire kickers. Your life insurance company does not help your mind process either. Every life insurance company brags how competitive their rates are when comparing premiums to the competition. They are trying to brainwash you and mess with your already strained brain. Truly, they do not prepare you for proper strategies to sell insurance to life prospects. The best prospects are the ones you personally develop. These prospects are looking to protect themselves and their family provided the coverage and insurance premiums seem fair. Your contacting them brought out the urge to take action.Compare this with all the life agents who think they can sell insurance to someone asking for a quote. The worst lead is a person requesting a cheap life insurance quote. That “intelligent” person is thinking that buying insurance is like buying a gallon of milk. The lower the rate, the better the product seems. In the long run, do you think annual renewable term or five year term is a better deal than a cash value plan? An internet lead company may sell this same lead to a dozen or more agents. You then throw your sell into the crowd of agent that will do anything to make a sale. Expect to lose out to the life insurance competition almost every time.The biggest mistake a life insurance agent can do is mentioning the competition to the client. Analyze this: Does a prospective client buy insurance because of trusting in a certain company name, or from trusting you. Over 90% of the time, the correct answer is you. There would not be 600 life insurance companies if there was not a viable market. The best financially rate companies, with 100 years of background do not dominate the market. If you never mention the competition, it is highly unlikely that your client will. Why give recognition and awareness of other companies to your client. It provides a dangerous chance to thereby consider these other companies.The agents with proper personal and selling skills can sell insurance with no life insurance competition. They go into a presentation already confident that a sale with be easily made. The motivational skills, knowledge, and confidence engulf the prospect. The prospect wants to buy. I could represent “Fly By Night Insurance Company of Iran,” and the client would buy if the benefits were right. Competitive insurance premiums are also not a problem. I could have a competitor that makes all his sales at half the premiums (also half the commissions) and it would not matter. If you notice a possible premium problem, head it off before it ever comes up. Simply give your prospect a choice of a basic or deluxe plan with two different premiums.In insurance sales, remember this:  Other Life insurance companies are not competitors. Moreover, other insurance agents are not the competition.  Your only competitive roadblocks are yourself. You have the power, confidence, willpower, and product knowledge to sell insurance. Now prove me right.

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